The Side Hustle Retirement Plan
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Your Side Hustle Retirement
“Jenny makes your dream a reality.”
- Na'Tausha Clark
Now you can get a retirement plan that includes running your own business.
It only made sense to offer my retirement planning clients business building skills because they said they loved working, but no longer wanted the 9-5 grind. 
“Most people have been employees all their lives but I teach people how to become employers.”
– Jenny Jones

Your Business Planning Portal Awaits
Your personal planning portal to set your 1-on-1 appointments and other personalize information.
Personal Retirement Plan
Have you ever had your own personal retirement plan that is created and customized for your exit from your 9-5 on your terms.

Want to work part time and spend time with the grand kids? We can create your personal retirement strategy today.
Personal Business Plan
Have you ever had assistance with writing your business plan?  You don't know where to start? Each plan is created and customized for your growth on your terms.

Ready to launch the next big tech start-up or IPO? We can even help you pitch your new product or service to our network of investors.
Personal Online Roadmap Planner
Have you ever had your own roadmap to success? Each plan is created and customized for your growth on your terms.

Ready to write a best seller? Ready to get your logo trademarked? We can help you get started reducing expensive mistakes.
Meet Your Coach

“Jenny Jones, Retirement Coach and Creator of the "Side Hustle Retirement Plan" a mobile app and comprehensive retirement plan that help working class professionals transition their skills into a profitable practice.

Jenny holds a BA in Business Marketing, Digital Media and MS in Accounting and Financial Management. Former at-large writer for Yahoo Finance, graduate professor, financial planner, financial advisor for 21 years"

Jenny Jones, Creator and Founder

Business Concepts!
Ms. Clark was looking to expand and grow her business and online brand.  I was able to work with her by helping her plan out every aspect of her business to ensure it would be sustainable.

"I guarantee that he will not disappoint"~ Na- Tausha Clark
Retirement Workshops!
Mr. Rosio was able to learn more ideas working within his 5 year retirement window.
Business Planning!
Jessy's dolls needed ideas on how to grow their social media presence.  
Retirement Concepts & Strategies
Ms. Wright was in the right place at the right time during one of my retirement workshops.
Get started today!
We have put together the most comprehensive retirement exit plan for you.  So now you transition into your business while reducing mistakes. 
Got questions? Let us know.
Exit One
monthly features | $599 set up
Google My Biz Page
Retirement Plan (Lite)
Business Consult
Marketing Consult
Exit Two
monthly features | $ 999 set up
Google My Biz Page
Retirement Plan
Business Consult
 Marketing Consult
Book Consult
Business Plan
Media Kit/TV
Business Credit Starter
Retirement chat

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